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Reform for Illinois is taking a lead role making our democracy more fair, transparent and inclusive in our state. 

With your support, we can continue working towards a more ethical and equitable Illinois government. Please consider making a year-end gift to Reform for Illinois.  

As 2018 draws to a close, we reflect on the current political landscape in Illinois and nationwide. RFI’s guiding principles, integrity, transparency, and accountability have never been more critical than they are today.  

In the coming year, we will continue to develop nonpartisan solutions for campaign finance reform, voter access, and equity in representation - because democracy in our state is stronger when everyone is represented. 

Why Our Work Is Important:

  • Our country is facing an unprecedented political divide. Now more than ever, our democracy needs nonpartisan solutions to tackle political corruption and rebuild public trust in our government.
  • Democracy is stronger when everyone is represented. RFI advocates for campaign finance reform, voter access, and gender equity to break down barriers that keep women, people of color, and other marginalized groups from participating in the political process.

What Your Gift Supports:

  • Policy Advocacy
  • Trusted, nonpartisan research that informs the public and influences policymaking
  • Illinois Sunshine Databases
  • Civic Engagement Events

 Thank you for you for considering Reform for Illinois in your year-end giving. From all of us at RFI, we are so grateful for your gift and wish you a happy and healthy 2019.

-Reform for Illinois

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(Below: Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein at our June Annual Luncheon, "The American Presidency: How reporting Has Changed from Nixon to Trump") 

(Above: State's Attorney Kim Foxx presents the Trailblazer Award to Sol Flores at our Illinois Women Empowered Event) 

(Below: DePaul University hosted our 2018 Midterm Election Recap Panel)

(Above: Senior Advisor of Reform for Illinois, David Melton, speaks to reporters about reforming Campaign Finance Laws in Illinois)  

(Above: 2018 Attorney General Candidate Forum with Kwame Raoul and Erika Harold) 

Research Articles & Best Practices Reports

RFI works to increase education through its trusted, nonpartisan research. Recent article topics include the #MeToo movement in Springfield, unprecedented campaign fundraising in the race for Illinois governor, and the inequity of the Cook County property tax system. Our research has been featured in Politico, The Chicago Tribune, the AP, NPR Illinois, the Chicago Sun-Times, and CapitolFax.

Additionally, RFI manages the Illinois Sunshine database, a free, innovative, database that serves as a comprehensive resource for tracking campaign contributions in Illinois. Together, these activities reflect our goals of promoting voter participation, increasing transparency in government, and keeping voters informed about their state and local politics. In 2017, our internal research led to three reports for best practices in Illinois government: Best Practices for the Administration of Illinois Elections, Best Practices Recommendations on Sexual Harassment Reporting and Investigatory Process, Best Practices for Assessment Transparency.

(Below: Election Administration Reform Panel with State. Rep. LaShawn Ford and Ami Gandhi from the Chicago Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights) 

(Below: Policy Director Alisa Kaplan testifies before an Illinois Senate Task Force about RFI's recommendations for improving the way sexual harassment complaints are handled in the legislature.)

Educational Programs & Partnerships

At Reform for Illinois, we know that educating the public is integral to the government reform process. We host up to 14+ events each year where attendees can engage directly with our RFI subject matter experts, grass-roots advocates, academics, and elected officials. Our forums have featured the following speakers and candidates: James Schwab, Chief of Legislative Affairs from the California Secretary of State’s office, Jim Allen, Chicago Board of Elections, Amber McReynolds, Denver’s former director of elections, Cook County Assessor, Fritz Kaegi, the 2018 Attorney General Candidates, Kwame Raoul and Erika Harold, and iconic investigative journalists, Carl Bernstein, and Bob Woodward.

In addition to these events, our partnerships allow us to connect on a community level. We partner with Chicago Urban League, Columbia College, Loyola University Chicago, DePaul University, and City Bureau to engage a wide audience. In 2019, we’ll pursue partnership opportunities with the Metropolitan Planning Council and Chicago United for Equity. Our partnerships and events with these organizations are invaluable to advancing our mission, reaching new audiences across the state, and gaining support for our legislative agenda.

From all of us at RFI, we are so grateful for your gift and wish you a happy and healthy 2019! 




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